Friday, February 08, 2008

A Shot (or Two) of Winter

This is our stacked wood supply. I think I've shown it before, but now you'll see it's missing a tooth. A big gap where one rack is empty. It's got another loose tooth too b/c the far right stack is almost emptied as well. I guess we've got enough for the winter, but it sure feels better to have full stacks than to be emptying them. However, we do have a supply of wood to take care of next summer. Here's a picture of how some of it looked after some recent snow:

Those chunks are even bigger than you are imagining them.

Here's a view of our backyard birdfeeder:

The cardinals are looking pretty fat so I guess Troy is keeping them well fed.
And here's another interesting shot from my ramble yesterday:
There were deer and rabbit tracks all around the edges of our lawn (and compost pile). But here I caught deer tracks (top), a people footprint, and rabbit tracks all in one spot. I felt like part of the community being there, like they let me in their club.

All for now,

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