Friday, February 26, 2016

Walking like a Drunken Sailor

While I'm still finishing the drywall, Troy started working on making the floor level. This is the area that will become the bathroom and closet:
I don't know if you can see it, but the difference from level gets up to 2.5" just in this one room. It's pretty bad.
Troy has addressed the sagging chimney and termite-eaten and rotted support wall in the basement so things are stable, but they certainly didn't get back to level. That means we're going to lose a little more height from the room, but worth it not to get sea-sick from walking across the floor!

Next came the Plytanium (stupid brand name, but I kind of like saying the word for some reason) for the subfloor.
 And then one day the room was done:
The floor is level and solid and I am really, really hoping that dirt, plaster and dust won't be falling through to the office/sewing room underneath anymore. A woman can have dreams.

From there, Troy moved onto the hallway/landing area. He asked me about the railing at some point, but I didn't realize that meant that the old one was coming out!
You have to be...deliberate...about walking on the second level right now. (The first step could be a doozie.)
The other good thing about leveling the floor is that it will give us a chance to fix the stair heights. The second set of four steps at the top are different heights. By adding height to the top level and some of the steps, I think we are going to end up with a smaller difference from step to step.

So that's where we're at. The rooms are looking more and more like rooms. I think I can say I don't mind mudding and don't absolute hate sanding (the end result is satisfying at least) but I do dislike the dust and dirt and getting dirty so that is a hurdle to working on it.

But I must think of having a shower upstairs, just next to my bedroom in the morning. It will be so glorious.

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