Thursday, March 07, 2013

Joists, a Window, and Framing

It took about three weeks, but we have passed a milestone in the living room--we got the last of 10 ceiling joists up last weekend.

We "coupled" them to the existing joists which were in ok shape, but not wide enough to prevent sagging in the floor. It also seems that they didn't put the cross bracing in until after the joists had twisted and torqued out of shape.

Although we tried to adhere the new joist to the old with expanding foam and nails, some of the old joists were so twisted, the foam would have been completely useless. Troy stuffed scraps of wood between the old and new joists to give the new ones some support to keep them vertical.
It was certainly another example of how working on an old house is an adventure. Any time we thought we had the process figured out, the next joist would present another challenge. But we got it done, usually one or two joists in a session.

The good best news? As far as we can tell, this reinforcement has stopped the bedroom from rattling and shaking every time a truck goes by on the highway (and that's a lot). What a relief! We were hopeful that would happen, but you never know.

Another thing we finished since I've written here is the final window. It became rather drawn out. Troy ordered three windows for the living room. Eventually they came in. When we went to pick them up, the largest one was smashed.

We took home the other two and had them reorder the broken one, being very careful to check that the measurements were right and they were going to order the correct window. We don't know exactly what happened after that, but our best guess is that when we drove out of the yard, the guy at the gate scanned the wrong windows as delivered.

In any case, when Troy went to pick up the window they said was ready, it was the wrong window. Reorder again!!

Once we got the right window it was an adventure to install. Troy got things all set to go and then removed the old window. That's where is he got a surprise. I don't know the exact details, but part of the trim that is usually thinner where the window is was actually thicker. Or however you want to describe it, it results in the opening being smaller once the window is out. So Troy worked and worked with a planer and a chisel, and we went to put the window in. Wouldn't fit.
So he worked some more. And we went to put the window in. Wouldn't fit.

This went on til about 12:30 on a cold Wednesday night and then we were done for the night. The window wasn't done, but we were. So we left the new window propped (and secured) partially in the opening and went to bed.

It was an eventful week so we ended up not getting back to the window until Sunday! On Thursday, however, I remarked on just how cold it was. Troy pointed out that there was a gap more than an inch wide above the window...that's a lot of outside coming in! I had some foam to fix that and things weren't so bad for the next few days.

On Sunday we pulled the window back out again and Troy worked some more (and more) til he was really sure the window would fit. Then we stuck it in and this time it worked.

And finally, once the joists were done, Troy could start work on the framing:
He has the outline of the room laid out and the framework in place.
All I can think is that after framing comes drywall and then that means insulation...I need me some of that!! (And I can't believe I'm looking forward to insulating...)

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