Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving! We miss our family today. Although, frankly, mine is not having a big dinner etc, because they did that weeks ago in Canada on their own day. We will be having dinner tonight with a group of friends and as-yet-unknown people. Troy is working on the ham and I am setting to Cook's Country's garlic mashed potatoes later today.

Meanwhile, things I am thankful for:

The little things
-My car door has a handle again (Thank you, Troy) and that the mechanic was able to fix the fan squeak I've lived with for more than a year.
-Yarn, wool, string, tarn, Goodwill sweaters to unravel and sticks to put them all to good use.
-Thrift and second hand stores filled with surprises and "treasures."

The good things
-The fire roaring beside me.
-The improvements made to the house and the potential for so much more.
-A new job with new challenges, in a whole new field, and so close to home!

The great things
-A husband who wants only the best for me.
-Family and friends who meet me where I'm at. (They know me and love me anyway!)
-Christ who died for the cosmos (including me) and still intercedes on our/my behalf.
-A church which provides a home for me, opportunities to grow and is filled with so many passionate people.

Of course, each list is very incomplete; there are so many things! Despite having a Day of Thanksgiving, we can't possibly contain it or limit to one day. Live a thankful life. I try.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Siding Success

Troy promised we would get done the siding today, and we did. (Feel free to cheer--I did.)

As we were beginning:
 Half way there:
We decided to fudge on the lower boards so that they line up with the ones on the west wall. (The north wall is vertical while the west wall has a slope, so they would not match up if we just did the usual 8 inches on each board.) The result is that the lower ones are slightly closer together, but even if you can find it on the picture, I think you'd be hard-pressed to find it in "real life."

We worked until after sunset, (but not after dark) and were back inside in time for me to watch the second half of the [pathetic] Colts game. (Could we have any more starters out injured?)
Troy measuring for the last piece
(Don't let this picture fool you. It was almost dark here, but my steady hand and a half second exposure makes it look like noon!)

So there you have it. Siding on the kitchen done. My part, anyway. Troy has been working on trim and flashing:
But soon we'll be moving to inside work on the kitchen.

We had a little inch worm to help us measure: (Any Anne Murray fans out there?)

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