Thursday, May 08, 2008

Garden update...fancy that!

Well the tulips are finishing, the hyacinths have given up and are laying flat on the ground...and then some late varieties show themselves. And what do you know? Not only did I plant fancy daffodils at some point, I also planted fancy hyacinths and tulips. Check them out because they are gorgeous:

Can you believe those are tulips? We had a bunch come up and they lasted a good week. And I'll let you know what's coming next: the first allium opened up yesterday. I'm sure I didn't plant any "fancy" variety of those...but apparently I wouldn't remember even if I did! The lilies have also multiplied like crazy; they are thick as weeds.

Concerning the shop, Troy got a couple loads of gravel on Tuesday to put under the floor. He's been spreading it out with the tractor (woo hoo! more tractor work) but apparently I can look forward to a bunch of hand work to really get it good and level. Somehow even a small tractor like Troy has does not have quite the finesse we're going to need.

All for now...til next time,


davidbanga said...

gorgeous! I can't wait to see the gardens, and then to steal things for our new gardens too. :)

troy said...

Like stealing back the irises you gave me last year?? They're coming up nice.

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