Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sun and Siding

They talked of rain today and I worried we wouldn't be able to put up more siding. (Ok, really I was kind of hoping for an excuse to knit, but I'm not sure I really have to admit that!)

In any case, it was nice and the radar was clear by the time we got home at 2:00, so we set to work. First thing was to measure and organize what we had. We moved all the 12 foot pieces to the shop so we could work on the north wall whenever we wanted, and then laid out all the long pieces in the yard.
Fortunately it was all pretty straight forward and we were reassured that we have the right pieces and they will cover the walls.

Then it was time to start putting the sheets up. It was measure, cut, carry, raise, screw and repeat. Instead of scaffolding (which wouldn't be nearly tall enough) we worked with a ladder--in fact, two ladders.
Troy took care of the top from the big ladder, and I used the little ladder to work underneath him.

For all our work, we only got four pieces up--one short of half way. :-(
Yes, it would have psychologically been nice to get half way, but I think if you include all the organizing time, we are well over half way done the work for the west wall. (That's what I'll tell myself anyway.)

Things went very smoothly with the large pieces. Troy said he was originally going to do this wall with two pieces, thinking they would be more manageable for two little amateurs like us. The guy who sold him the siding convinced him to go with single long pieces instead, and he's happy he took the advice.

We then cleaned up all the siding off of the lawn and stacked them in the garage again. But now they're in the exact order that we'll need them. Nice, right?

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