Saturday, April 02, 2011

Cool It!

Troy had been nagging me for almost two months about whether the power [electric] bill had arrived, and if I noticed "anything." He hinted that he had done something that he thought was going to make a "big difference" but wouldn't tell me what.

He was so excited when I showed him the envelope last week: the power bill was here! He ripped it open and was very jubilant. Compared to the same month last year, the usage had dropped from 1150 kwh to 212--about a sixth!!

So I asked him what had made this big difference. It's not like he was turning off all the power when we were gone (I would have noticed that when I got home) and I didn't notice any other changes.

No, he said, he had stopped using hot water in the cleaning cycle of the biodiesel process. Holy cow! that must have been a lot of water!

I've now caught him washing dishes in cold water too. (He washes them right away; I think that helps.)

He did claim, however, to still use warm water to shower.

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