Sunday, May 06, 2012


I have very exciting news. Saturday I finished grouting all the tile of the back splash in the kitchen. See? Very exciting!

I have to apologize for the way I'm going to tell you about it because I'm watching a new episode of Sherlock and am completely distracted.
You may recall that I got the north wall done a couple weeks ago.

I knew I had to the next wall in one push and so I started early (ha ha...I started at 11:00) and worked for six hours straight.
With the radio on, I set up, cleared counters, laid drop cloth, switched off the electricity, removed the under cabinet radio and laid tape straight through Wait Wait. I mixed grout and started applying it through Splendid Table and then three hours of the Blues with Ole Harv. I hate that show but I was too busy to find something else to listen to. (And working in silence, isn't an option.) By the time This American Life came on at 4, I knew I had it beat and was winding down. Still an amazing amount of clean up and putting things together.
When Troy came home, everything was back in place and you couldn't even tell that I had done anything. Except that the gaps between the tile were gone, of course!
It looks ok, but mostly I'm just glad it's done. It's now up to Troy to put Silicone down between the tile and the counter and in a couple weeks I'll have to seal the grout. I got a spray can that's supposed to make it easy. We'll see.
Meanwhile I will enjoy being able to put things out on the counter. I've been keeping them clear because I knew they would be in my way. Now I can put some pops of colour in front of that white background.
Next up besides maybe a small break? The curtains.
I've been thinking of them for a while but told myself I couldn't work on them until I got the tile done. And guess's done!
I will be so happy to get rid of this old thing. I took an old piece of fabric, sewed a pocket into the top and am still stuck with it years later! I picked up some very cute fabric last summer when I was in Missouri and I can't wait  to see it up. I considered a roman shade, but I think I'm going with a roller blind. I'll let you know...when I get to it...

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Kathy said...

Good job on exerting extra effort on grouting your tiles. It looks really good, especially the white tiles on the window; it looks so neat and clean. I'm sure all it needs is a colorful stuff to complement it.

Kathy Carbone

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