Sunday, October 07, 2012

Taking Measure

Sometimes it's the little things that do a lot to make life better. Yesterday I implemented a plan to make my measuring spoons more manageable.

I have a few different sets and some mismatched oddballs. It seems certain shapes are better for measuring different ingredients so I like having options. But they sure don't store very well.

I had them sitting in a two-cup measuring jar, which worked ok, but I was often sifting through a bunch of spoons looking for the right size.

As a solution, I installed some of those pull-release clips on the inside of the cupboard door--one for each size. Label them so Troy can find the right size and we're all set!
I was worried about them hitting the shelf or items in the cupboard but it turns out that the shelf is inset from the door and they don't take up the same space. Works great!

I thought about hanging the measuring cups on the door too, but I think they really will interfere with items on the shelf. I think I'll try hanging them on the side wall inside the cupboard. One hook for each set in that case.  (I just have two sets.) It will get them off the shelf, reducing their footprint and be a nice way to keep them tidy.

Tidy is good. :)

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