Sunday, December 02, 2012

A Productive Day

Yesterday was amazing. I slept in a little (8:00, I think), but had started the laundry Friday night so I was ahead of the weekend already.

I finished priming a project in the kitchen (more details later) so that I could paint it later in the day.

I went out to meet a knitting client at Red Purl (the knit shop). He tried on the sweater I had made and although he and his mother (who's paying for the sweater) didn't exactly bow down and worship my awesomeness, they seemed to like the sweater. They certainly didn't complain about it. So it is approved and I am done with the project. (Don't worry, my ego survived because of all the praise from the other knitters in the shop. Thank you, ladies!)

From there I went to Goodwill just because I was in the neighbourhood. was 50% off day. I stocked up on dress shirts for Troy because he had mentioned he needed more. As you can imagine, it's hit or miss on finding something suitable that will fit, has long enough sleeves (his arms are just short of freakishly long), has a pocket, is made from the right fabric, etc, etc, but I found five! Then I found a couple pair of jeans that fit me great. (Although GW commercials talk about finding the little black dress as the ultimate prize, I think finding well-fitting jeans is a more pressing issue.)

Then I went to Lowes and bought the paint for the aforementioned project--in my opinion the best part of a painting job, just above picking the colours. When I went to the counter to have it mixed up, she told me I couldn't get that colour in high gloss. She said the base she needed to use only came in the five kinds of matte, and I could get semi-gloss, but not high gloss. I looked at the samples, and honestly said out loud, "That will never do." I was a little surprised that came out of my mouth (!), but it wasn't in a snotty tone, so I hoped I hadn't ruined my chances with this woman. Apparently not, because the next thing she said was that she couldn't use the formula for that colour, but she could colour match it and use a gloss base. Well, that's more like it. I guess sometimes it pays to blurt out what you're thinking and draw the line of what you will and will not accept.

Then it was to Walmart for groceries and whatever else I could find. I've been looking for a new bathmat, so I took a look around. I've had a couple failures so I wasn't hoping for much. (By failures I mean stores that had bathmats, but not in colours/patterns that I liked and too expensive anyway.) So I look around a while and find myself searching for the place to put a mat away that was misshelved. (Honestly, I do this all the time when I'm shopping. Sometimes I try to stop myself, especially when I really don't have the time, but I've realized it's usually more work to talk myself out of it than to just put the item away.) Anyway it turns out this mat was a pattern I liked, and although I never found where it belonged, I found others from the same brand and it looked like the price was good enough ($12-$15). I put a second choice in my cart ($10) and found a price check machine. I put the mystery mat under it and the price came up at $7. Score! (Sometimes it's the collection of little victories that make a great day. :)

From there it was home where I unloaded the car, getting the Goodwill clothes into the laundry straight away. Then I painted the first coat on the kitchen project, and then got dinner made. I wanted to ask myself, "Who are you and what have you done with Christina?" but that is a bit overused so I didn't. (I just waited for Troy to come home so he could ask me.)

I hope it is obvious that I am making a point to write all of this not because I am so incredible, but because this is so unusual. I don't expect to have a day like that more than once a year, but I tried to keep it going today. I got some detail painting done before church this morning and the second coat on this evening. I hope it's done now, but I'll evaluate if it needs another coat when it's good and dry. Ok really, do you need a peek?
That's all you're getting for now, but trust me when it'll be worth the wait. I am loving it.

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