Monday, July 06, 2015


I promised some pictures of rooms with drywall and here they are. Unfortunately, Troy was faster with drilling holes for insulation than I was with the camera. The walls looked a lot nicer without the big holes!

West room (what will become the closet and bathroom), looking at the southwest corner:
 Same room, looking at the southeast corner:
You can see the interior walls have not been worked on yet...well, beyond structural stuff I mean.

Here is the main bedroom, looking at the southeast corner:
 And the northeast corner of the same room:
 And this is looking straight north at the room we are currently sleeping in:
That's right! You can't see it because there is finally a wall (drywall) between the room and the construction zone. Yeah!

It also meant we could finally keep the cat out of the room so Troy's allergies wouldn't be quite so bad overnight. But we're still getting used to not being able to go around when the door is shut!

So that is the quick tour.

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