Sunday, February 12, 2017

More on Floors

That was a text exchange Troy and I had last Saturday while he was at work and I was working on the bedroom floor.

I had all the subflooring in the bedroom except the last piece that had to fit around the stove pipe:
Hence the text. And I think you can see what I mean about having nailed the shims over the metal plate along two edges. No one told me it was supposed to be free to move and I didn't ask.

But at the time it didn't quite feel right to just put the shims right over the metal, so about half of the edges were actually free and the parts that weren't were just barely trapped under the edge of the wood. So I decided a little careful prying would work. And it did.
I thought I took pictures of the completed bedroom floor, but apparently not. Above is a shot of the subfloor finished around the stovepipe after I moved most of the junk out of the bathroom into the bedroom. (Hence the piles of scrap.)

And why did I clear out the bathroom? Because that is the first room that's getting the finished flooring. Holy cow, I might have an actual finished surface in my house.

Troy got an email that the order was ready much earlier than we expected. So Friday he picked up a bunch of bamboo flooring and even got the bulk of it upstairs:
That should be enough for what we need now. We bought enough for the whole second floor so the rest of it is in the shop still.

Here's a picture of a few boards he "dry fit" together to see what it's like:
The boards are 5" wide but put together from much thinner strips. The weird spots in the grain are typical of bamboo.

We didn't get much work done this week. We had visitors at the beginning of the week and I was gone for the weekend at the end of the week.

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