Friday, June 29, 2007

The next step, or, why I have fear and trepidation about the building inspector.

Christina's most recent post was lovely, and the addition of photos really adds a lot!

She reminded me of, the next step. Yes, what is next?

The next thing that has to happen is we cross the threshold and get a building permit.

I suppose I should have done this weeks, or even months ago. I haven't because, well, I'm different. The National Building Code, and the generally nice folk who administer and enforce it, really likes things done in cookie cutter fashion. In all fairness, that makes it easy to decide if any particular building or part therof is built "properly" and according to code.

The real rub here, is that I wish to surpass the code minimums by such an extraordinary margin, that my shop suddenly looks nothing like an ordinary home shop or pole barn or metal building, or anything else "normal". My concern is that the code enforcement people just won't know what to make of it all, and will default to, "Well, that's not how you build it. It has to be such and so." Alternatively, I could hire an engineer to make the plans and put his/her seal of approval on it. The code folks generally respect that, since it takes them off the hook in terms of liability. If the building falls down, or catches on fire, it's now the responsibility of the engineer, not the code department. The down side, is that hiring the engineer for this unorthadox building would likely double the total cost.

My last experience with the code guy went swimmingly well. Once I convinced him I really intended to exceed the code by the margin that I described, he would pretty much let me do whatever I wanted.

On the other hand, stories about code problems and do-it-yourself people abound. Oh yeah. We could also hit some unforseen zoning snag and they could just say that I can't build a shop, sorry. That would defeat the entire purpose of the purchase of a new house/property and the gigantic nuisance of moving.

Your prayers and petitions are both neccessary and appreciated.

I still sleep well every night.

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David said...

Hi Troy

Let us know how that turns out... we'll keep you in mind.

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