Sunday, July 08, 2007

So what did you do on the fourth of July?

Troy is excited to announce that he actually started digging the foundations last Wednesday. A friend volunteered his services for the day, and Troy, he and Isaac got to work! The first part was moving Troy's approximately placed corner markers so that they marked a square rectangle. That took some time from where I was watching (at the wood splitter...I wasn't just lazing around!)

Once square, they marked the boundaries for the foundations with paint...and started digging: Troy with the backhoe and Joel and Isaac with shovels after him.

By the end of the very humid day, they had one long side done! Troy has sinced finished a short side, and yesterday he and Isaac just started the other long side.

Today is too hot to work, quite frankly. I think Troy was out for a while, but currently they are playing video games!

Troy has seen the zoning guy, and got the thumbs up. He has an appointment with the building inspector this coming Thursday (13th).

All for now!

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