Monday, August 13, 2007

Sign of the end times?

So last night as we were preparing for bed, Troy looked out the window and exclaimed, "Is that a frog?" Sure enough, there was a frog clinging to the outside of our bedroom window. On the second story.

Is this a sign of the end times? Of plagues and tribulations that are to come? Or are just Troy and I in for it?

And how did Mr. Frog get there? Can frogs climb aluminum siding?

Let me tell you, I flipped back the sheets before climbing into bed,


ps: and if you know more about the climbing habits of small frogs, please enlighten me.


David said...

Tree frogs are great climbers. The common one up where I spent the summer was the gray tree frog (Hyla versicolor). If you put that latin name into your favorite search engine, I'm sure you can find plenty of information and photos to compare to the frog you saw.

troy said...

Thank you David! It was indeed Hyla versicolor. Upon further study, I came across a site from the DNR with the following quote:

"They will often cling to windows of houses at night."

I'm not kidding.

My initial thought was, why in the world would they like to hang around watching humans at night?!? But then it occured to me that they are definitely meat eaters, eg, bugs. I bet they harvest more bugs when they are stuck to a window with lights on in the house. Those clever frogs.

We have run across many frogs, some of which measured no more than 1.5 cm from stem to stern in the normal sitting position. I think the presence of all these frogs is a very good sign of the health of the local environment.


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