Monday, July 30, 2007

Had to share

Well, we've been gone for a week to Missouri to visit family. I won't bore you with family pictures or scenery shots (we didn't take many anyway), but I did get some shots of an amazing site. Troy's dad was out one morning, and noticed this coneflower which had grown up and through a leaf of the bush growing next to it:

Before he picked the coneflower, both it and the leaf were still alive and growing. Amazing.

BTW, Troy got his tractor part with little trouble and neglible cost. Then the backhoe crapped out on him. The hydraulic place couldn't fit him in for months, so he took a look at it. Well, when it was assembled, a valve was inserted backwards. Makes a big difference! So, the morning we were to leave for Missouri, Troy was out early playing on the tractor to make sure it was all fixed and working. It was. (Yeah!)

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