Thursday, December 06, 2007

My New Best Friend

So who's my new best friend?? It's the oil burning stove Troy installed in our kitchen. (Which makes Troy one of my new best friends too.)
Now instead of a kitchen SOO cold and a floor you can't stand on without your feet getting frostbite, the kitchen is warm enough to almost be cozy! It's so nice.

The red oil can holds the oil which is gravity fed into the stove. It is also built to burn biodiesel so that's a real plus.
When he uncovered the chimney in order to install the stovepipe, Troy discovered that there was a huge hole that had previously been simply covered up with the drywall. Not a good solution. You can see he has nicely filled it in with concrete and sealed it up like it ought to be.

And just for fun, I discovered this moth fluttering in our window trying to warm up. It had a very hairy back, and check out its tongue--creepy!

All for now. Enjoy the snow!


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