Monday, December 24, 2007

Catch up

Just a few things I've been up to lately. Last week I went with a couple friends to the Carnegie Center for the Arts in Three Rivers for a quilt and art show. The quilts ranged quite a bit from one that I would embarassed to have as a dog bed to excellent. I was so involved in looking at them that I forgot to take pictures. Sorry! But I did snap one of the fun someone had with radiators outside:
Can you get much cuter? Actually I can top that. I made a hat for my niece last fall. Well, my other sister got jealous and quite insisted that I make one for her daughter too. Here's what she's getting:

(I warned you it was cute.) I've been on a big knitting kick lately.

And what about the big storm that came through? We've actually had two. We got a lot of snow dumped on us last weekend. And then we had a big windstorm come through this weekend. Wind speeds in the mid 50 mph. We woke at 5 am to a big thump, and Troy guessed it right: we lost part of our chimney. (The one Troy just put up last year.) The "hat" on top came off and the top section of pipe. The stove is still operational (thankfully) so this may wait until Troy's arm is healed. (Most of you know, but for those who don't, Troy had shoulder surgery last Friday to correct some defects. He's doing great.)

The view out my living room window.

And speaking of the living room window, I finally got the big insulated blind DONE and HUNG today. I am so happy about that! Troy currently reports that it feels much less drafty. (No pictures--sorry.)

Tomorrow we will enjoy a quiet Christmas where will pack for the trip and finish up other projects around the house.

Merry Christmas!


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