Thursday, January 10, 2008

Water troubles

Ok, so the temps sure heated up after we got back. We broke records getting into the 60s. All the snow was gone in two days. Troy got out of any more shovelling/plowing. We have had a lot of rain and many in our area are having a lot of flooding. We are happy to be living on a hill, and the landscaping and plastic around the house has helped to keep the basement dry.

We did have water troubles in the kitchen, however. The sink drain was slow so Troy decided to have a look see. He only needed my help a couple times to twist off (or on) some pipe connections. He got the clog fixed, but what he didn't know was that all that pipe wiggling broke apart a weak joint in the basement. So all that water going down the drain when we were testing was just pouring onto the basement floor. (So much for rejoicing in dry basements!) But once it was diagnosed, a simple joint repair fixed that as well. Go, Troy, go. So the house gets fixed and improved one small step at a time.

I think I am starting to recover from "jet lag." Ok, I know the DR is only an hour off (in the Atlantic time zone), but really, we had to change time zones 3 times since we flew out of Chicago and had a connecting flight in Charlotte, NC. I am clinging to that as an excuse.

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