Saturday, January 05, 2008

Where did the sun go?

Hello all. We are back after an enviable trip to the Dominican Republic. We had a good time with 17 other members of Christina's family. Troy is at work. I hope he has time for a nap. We left the hotel at 2:30 pm Atlantic time yesterday and got home a little before 4:30 am Eastern time this morning. That's 15 hours of travel. We are tired. And the fun is that we got home to almost a foot of snow so we parked in the neighbour's driveway while Troy started up the tractor (which--super duper--started right up) and Christina got a shovel and we dug ourselves a way into the house. The house was a welcoming 46.5 degrees. We managed to be in bed by 5 with an extra duvet, extra wool blanket and extra quilt. Add two hot water bottles and we were toasty. (And really, too tired to notice anyway!) I managed to catch the weather forecast this morning (which was noticeably absent in the DR where the temperature didn't vary by more than 5 degrees from wonderful) and see that we are in the middle of some "perma-cloud." I miss the sun...

Here we are on New Year's Day, 2008!

In case you need to know where the DR is:

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