Monday, March 31, 2008

And two windows installed is even better yet

Yup, Troy got the second window in last night. I don't know exactly how far he got on the sealing and caulking because I was upstairs eating my popcorn dinner and then when directly to bed. This was one of those Sundays I spend all day in town so having the window open all day didn't bother me a bit: I wasn't there! Plus the weather is "milding" a little.

On other news we completely burned through all the glycerin Troy and Isaac had distilled the methanol from (despite the slightly milder weather) and Troy worked on a new batch of that yesterday as well. Yes he can be a very productive man!

I have worked on emptying one of the shelves of tools in the living room in anticipation of cutting the opening between the living room and dining room wider. The shelf has to move so we can cut out the wall behind it. Troy first mentioned this three weeks ago and has mentioned it several times since, but I sense a certain reluctance to let the mess extend beyond the gutted dining room. We really live in the living room. The TV's there; the woodstove's there (where I spend all my time!); the furniture is hard to move (big couch)... We're going to have to work harder to live around that mess. The dining room is easier to seal off and ignore if you're not actually working in it. But we'll have to do it sometime...

Another thing that's come up is that our oven quit. Now, I don't cook or bake a lot so this isn't quite the crisis it might be in some households. But I sure miss it whenever I think about cooking or baking! That is something on Troy's list of things to fix, but I'm not sure how fast it's moving up the list...

And my final note is that the resumed production of biodiesel has rendered the oil stove in the kitchen "useful" again and it is merrily pumping out heat. I no longer need to wear my toque or winter coat in the kitchen. We kept thinking spring was right around the corner and it wouldn't be big deal, but it certainly was as cold temperatures continued to hang around.

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