Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Walls, Old Walls...illustrated

Let me try to add some pictures to illustrate the previous post. First of all, here's a shot of the header board of the wall that was in the basement. Looks nice and solid, doesn't it!
And here's a before...
and after...
of the basement support wall. The pics are taken from opposite views, so sorry you don't have a direct comparison. But look at all that fresh new wood. Yum.
And here's a view of the dining room just before we moved in. (The left window faces south, the right window faces southwest.)
Here's a mid-destruction shot: (now the left window is the southwest window, and the right window faces west)
Notice how high the insulation goes. There was lots of empty space in the walls.
And here's the dining room as it sits tonight:

You're seeing the south window on the left again, and southwest window on the right. Troy is putting house wrap on the inside of the walls where he can, and a lot of foam where he can't. And look! There are our new picture windows stacked against the wall ready to go in. How exciting is that!!

All for now, this girl needs some shuteye.


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