Monday, October 27, 2008

Procrastination has Consequences...Still

So you think to yourself...I can skip that, do it later, same 'dif. But no, consequences seem to keep popping up. ::sigh::

We have all our firewood stacked and covered with tarps, as you've seen in numerous pics I've posted. When it all got stacked this year, I reused two tarps and used new tarps for the rest. Well the tarps apparently do not stand up to two years' use. We had noticed they were starting to wear thin and even rip when pulled out of the way to reach the wood...and then we had a windy day:

What do you think? Are they doing any good now? Ho hum...

And now back to procrastination. The windy day was Sunday. I had time to retarp the wood. I had tarps around I could use. I thought, "It's too windy today; it'll be too much work; I'll wait til Wednesday when I have the day off." So now it's Monday. It's been raining all day (actually it's slushy enough to say it's snowing) and the wood is now soaked. Someone had to take a leave from work and now I don't have Wednesday off either. I am a big fat loser and it's my own fault.

I do not deserve the nice roasty fire I am sitting in front of.

Of course, being a Calvinist, I don't believe I deserve anything but can only thank my Lord for showing mercy. And so I enjoy the warmth of the fire resting in his grace,

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