Monday, November 24, 2008

Out of Chaos

This is a shot of a piece of our basement.

You really do have to make a mess to get things more organized. Three of these thick black cables were pulled through the conduit to the shop way back last summer. The other end has sat wound around the spool waiting all this time. And now finally its time has come. The other night we strung the loose ends along the ceiling ready to be hooked into the new electric box. That's Troy's next project: getting power to the shop. Somehow this is all for the larger goal of getting things ready for the garage door installation. It also happens to be able to be done inside; just a coincidence I'm sure as the weather is so cold and wet.

One more gratuitous shot:
Yes, the horror of icicles on our house. I'm very curious which way the wind was blowing to get one of the icicles to lean right and its neighbour to lean left. Seeing these out of every second story window is very motivating to get work done on the house!

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