Thursday, August 06, 2009

As Boring as Watching Paint Dry

Surely that is what these posts about painting are to you by now. Painting or canning: unfortunately for you, those are my posting options right now. But you can see in the picture that things are starting to shape up. Aren't I getting fancy?

Perhaps you were thinking I was slacking's certainly been a while since I've posted about it. There was the week's vacation when I was gone. And then the wasp bite on Sunday. And Monday there was lightning in the area. (Standing up on an aluminum ladder--doesn't that sound like a good idea?) Hmm....Tuesday is my late night and we didn't finish dinner until after 10 (and sunset is getting noticeably earlier now). Wednesday I wasn't feeling well and kept busy with laundry, bathrooms, and canning instead. (What do you do when you're not feeling well?)

But today I finally got back to it. I have all the various layers done as shown above. I can move the ladder down one more "level," presumably the final level and finish this puppy off. And by "finish this puppy off" I mean probably 3 more weeks of this tediousness. It's supposed to get humidly hot and hotly humid over the weekend so I am not counting on getting a lot more done then.

I could be honest and say I just can't take it. (Have you noticed the vent in the picture? It comes from the attic. Good for the attic, bad for someone standing in front of it. Imagine a blow drier set on slow speed but high temperature. That's what it feels like.) Or I could ostensibly say that it's not good for the paint to be applied in high heat and humid conditions. Yeah, that's it.

And just because the tedium can't get any worse anyway, I'll add that I pickled 9 quarts of cucumbers yesterday [mostly] according to sister Judy's recipe. I always like hers so it's a good placed to start, right? It seemed everything was not quite what it she called for (not as much dill, pickles too big, no alum, etc etc) so it is a real experiment in the tolerances of the recipe.

The part that I don't like is that I have to wait 4-6 weeks to try them.


davidbanga said...

that looks awesome! your place will be so cute when you're done.

YWolters said...

Not boring - inspiring (except I haven't actually done anything with this inspiration...yet)

troy and christina said...

Thank you both. I will repeat your comments as a mantra as I force myself to carry on!

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