Sunday, December 06, 2009

Inside Parking, and How I Made My Honey Happy

Great news: We are currently parking inside the shop. The three vehicles are parked in a row. (Actually, I think the tractor is back there somewhere too.) We just have to think about who's leaving first in the morning and make sure they're first in line! With the recent cold weather, including a little ice and snow, I am very happy to not be scraping the windows.

Ever been on a ferry? Remember that first time? when you are directed into your line by a nice parking attendant and he waves you forward, and then more and then more. And you're thinking, "There's no way...I'm going to hit that car in front of me." But he just keeps waving you forward until you're inches from the car in front of you. (Because of course they have to pack them in to make as much money as possible and move as many cars as possible.) Remember that?

Well, that's kind of how this feels:
except I don't have a parking attendant waving me forward and telling me when to stop.

But so far so good...knock on wood.

And how did I make my honey happy? Today I managed to put in a second shift on the shop and we got the weather stripping put up around the big overhead door. Troy's been waiting to put that back up for a long time.

This afternoon between 3 and 6 we got the siding trim cut and put around the opening. And then this evening we went back out and got the weather stripping up. This is something better done on a "moderate" day so that the stripping is put up when it is neither too cold nor too hot. It can expand and contract with the temperature quite a bit.

We couldn't change the weather, so Troy put the stripping in the warm living room all day and then we brought it out one piece at a time to mount it. You do what you can. And I have to say, even though the weather wasn't "moderate," it wasn't half bad being out there. If it's not windy and not raining, the temperature can get pretty cold before it really bothers you.

The long hours of darkness, however, have really cut into my ability to take pictures of anything we do. It's frustrating that every time I think to take a picture, it's already dark out!

Meanwhile I'll leave you with the latest pic I have of our progress on the siding:

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