Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Siding Commences

That's starting to look like a building, isn't it?!

Yes, we have started putting up siding. I should backdate this post because we actually started a good week and a half ago. Got most of what you see up on the wall, and then the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend--working between hosting family and working--we put up the one [very tricky] piece around the window.

It's been going well and we are learning how to do yet another job together. They say you should be learning all your life, right? If you're ever looking for new ways to learn, just try doing a job with someone else. One thing you'll definitely learn is that there are at least a hundred ways of doing almost anything.
If the rain holds off, we'll try to put in another couple hours tonight. (Well, I say, "If the rain holds off..." Troy might be counting on working in the rain. He's much tougher than I am in that way.)

I must remember, however, much colder weather is coming...

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