Monday, May 24, 2010

Lookie Here!

Well what is this?!! It just might be a completed north wall. All the north siding is up. The wall is done. Can I get a loud, "Woo hoo!"?

Not only that, we got a start on the east wall:
Not to repeat myself ad nauseum, but that would be the last wall. The east wall is the final wall. I just can't say that enough. We are on the last side.

We actually had to start the east side before finishing the north wall because we ran into some territorial wasps. I fared well on the ground, but Troy was in the danger zone up on the ladder. He sprayed wasp killer and then we had to clear out for a while. (We might not be wasps, but it's still pretty nasty stuff to breathe.) So we started the east wall before going back and finishing the last of the north wall.

I made Troy use the partial sheet we had leftover to finish the wall instead of cutting up a perfectly good piece. So now we have one extra; it'll be handy in case one gets wrecked, I guess. (I don't know, but it seems a shame to "waste" it.)

Then, since I hadn't quite fallen over in the heat and humidity I pushed Troy do a corner trim piece to prove to me that it really would only take about 10 minutes per corner.
Here you can make out the white trim on the south west corner. I'm not sure it adds much, actually, for looks but it's a lot better for water impermeability, which I guess is the key.

So, one more workday (hopefully in the coming long weekend) and I think we will be done with this. And then I can stop mounting siding, and you won't have to hear any more about it!! Think of that.

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