Sunday, May 09, 2010

Siding on a Sunny Sunday

The weather conspired to be sunny and calm on a day when Troy and I were both home, and boy, did we take advantage!

The north wall already had five pieces on it. We quickly slammed up four more and that took us to the window--the only "obstacle" on this wall.

Troy hadn't put on the J-trim so we worked on that:
The last window had some issues (something like the two side pieces being an inch different in length, as I vaguely recall) so we measured twice and got through this one without any hangups.
All trimmed out

I was relieved that the siding worked out as we anticipated (we had to make a decision about using full pieces, or starting with the half piece left over from the south side) so that a seam fell across the middle of the window. We just had to cut a rectangle out of two pieces of siding and slide them into place. So we measured, cut, and scooted the first piece in from the right:
Then measured and scooted the left side in from the other direction. Troy had to show off his strength and muscle to get it in position as the interlocking ridges couldn't easily slide over each other while constrained by the J-trim. Anyway, if you don't get the details, suffice it to say he proved himself a man and got it into place. (Yeah, Troy!)
Not willing to stop at the window we put up one more sheet. We made sure to check if we were level so that things would be ready to go next time, and we were right on. Gotta love that.
Here's a nice angle making it look like we're almost done. Not quite, but with 12 sheets up, we are past half the distance of this wall (36 of 70 feet), and certainly past half the work since the window is done.

Yeah, us!

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