Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Siding on Wednesday (That can't be right, can it?)

No, it's not the weekend, but Troy and I found ourselves doing siding anyway. (Apparently that is possible.)

I tried to keep my mind open to the possibility all day because, even though he hadn't said anything, I knew Troy would be interested in tackling it. But by the time he got home I was TIIIII-yeerd! Tired from mowing mostly. (Three hours between last night and today with a push mower in case you want to compare to your own endurance.) My legs would hardly hold me and my toolbelt up. Of course, wearing my 5" platform shoes yesterday didn't help either. (Now there's a workout for your calves.)

But being the good, faithful, and ever-helpful wife, I took a deep breath and suited up for siding. Before we started, the shop still looked like this:
You can see why we've been frustrated to not be able to tackle these last two little pieces!!

An hour or two later we had this:
That's a lot of good looking red!! But hold off on the party because we quit before doing the corner pieces. One last little bit to do.

Feels good, though, I must say. What also feels good is sitting in bed (which is what I'm doing now) eating strawberries I picked this afternoon.

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