Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Great Cleanup Continues...Slowly

To get stuff done...or to blog about getting stuff done. That is often the choice I face. I've had a lot going on lately, so I've chosen to get done what I could in the time I had. The Cleanup is continuing, although it's not quite following the schedule I originally laid out. (That doesn't surprise any of us, though, does it.)

The week after the bathroom, I tackled the Orange Bedroom, aka Isaac's room. There weren't a lot of major projects but it needed a lot of sorting, organizing, and purging.

Two Before pics:

One After:

transformed to:

And this:
to this:
I went through a lot of boxes, and took a car load to Goodwill. Obviously there is still stuff left, and it doesn't look pretty stacked against the wall. But that's where it's going to be for a while. Fortunately the room is large enough to not feel crowded.

The one "fix it" project I did take on was the bedside table. It was scrounged from friends when I helped them move. I tied it into the trailer when I left, but it was the only thing in there. Without being weighed down, the trailer bounced and vibrated the whole top apart! Every single join gave way.

I've had it like this for quite a while, but I finally glued the joins with Elmers, and screwed the top back onto the base. (Only one of the four screws was remaining but I was able to replace them.)
One day I may paint the table and bed to match the dresser, but for now I'm calling it done.

And I also took time to mount the mirror onto the door.
It was no use leaning against the wall, and that wasn't doing the mirror any good either. Now, when the door's open, it's the one mirror I can double check my outfits in the morning without miserable back lighting. Bonus!

After the Orange Room, I dove into the Red Bedroom. It was supposed to be the Kitchen, but I misread my own schedule. All for the best, I guess, as I didn't have time or energy to tackle the Kitchen last week.

There was both more and less to do as that bedroom is used for storage and soap curing, and will continue to be so used. (There's only so much improvement I can make when the stuff piled up isn't going any where.) But I managed to tidy up, dust the bookshelves and purge some more. I think I just have to give a good vacuum and do the windows.

Next up is the Kitchen and that relies on some shelving going up in the shop. It's Wednesday night and I haven't even started on this week's room. That's not promising.... (In my defense, today was the most perfect day to be outside that you could have, so I got half the lawn mowed and other garden work done. It was so nice.)

My only hope for the kitchen is the long weekend coming up!

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