Sunday, July 04, 2010

Dat da DAAAH!

(That's a trumpet fanfare, in case that's not obvious.)

For the last screw on the corner trim pieces
was driven home tonight:

We put up the last two this evening. On the last one--our very last piece, that is--we made our first mistake in measuring/cutting that really cost us. (We made one earlier, but managed to reuse the piece elsewhere.) We only had four corner trim pieces, and there are exactly four corners, so no extras. Although we couldn't cut the piece again to make it longer (har har), we recovered and I will be surprised if you will be able to tell. (And there's no prize for finding it, so don't bother looking for it and pointing it out when you're here.)

The shop is looking very trim now and I give you a few views:

(Looks imposing from this angle, doesn't it?!)

And don't we look happy about it:

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