Thursday, July 01, 2010

A Walk Through the Garden

We're starting to see results from our work in the garden.

Troy planted a different variety of cucumber hoping that it would be better for canning. I got a whole sink full of them yesterday:
They are shorter than last year's, but just as fat--I'm still going to have to cut them into spears before pickling. I probably have enough there to do a batch, and have some dill from my sister that needs to be used, but I couldn't get up the energy to do them yet.

The first tomato is starting to look conspicuously orange:
Not quite ready to eat yet, but Troy's kind of hoping it'll be before July 4. Just an arbitrary date to say you had very early tomatoes. (He's a little competitive that way.) We don't have too many other tomatoes yet, but I never heard someone compare when the fifth tomato was ready so I guess after the first, it doesn't really matter!

Troy has hog wire up along the tomatoes and I have been training them. So far so good.

The ancho peppers are coming along as well. I was surprised to see two of them pretty much ready to go:
These'll be dried. They're hot, but not as much as jalapenos (for comparison). Which is fine with me!

Finally, it was very interesting to observe the ants using Troy's row marking string as a super highway:
It seems they love it. Hundreds of ants going back and forth, touching antennae every time they pass each other.

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