Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Power of Coke

So I got some more tiling done this weekend. Those of you who stalk me on Facebook know I have Coke to thank for it.

On Saturday I was not feeling it, but slurped down a 12-oz can, and it kept me fired up for four hours of tiling. I got a stretch done around the window and toward the stove.

It was the easier stuff but it still did involved some cutting. I learned my lesson, and did a nice job around the outlet this time, even though it fell in the middle of a tile.

After four hours I was kind of pooped and was soon going to run into the stove (which I didn't want to pull out) and sockets on another circuit (and I didn't feel like figuring out which breaker to shut it off). So I called it a day.

Today I decided that I had to approach the wall from a different starting point and put in the flag I mean "maple leaf with border":
I think it came out pretty good, and it fills the space nicely.

When I first was deciding how to do this section and what was going where, I thought it was unfortunate that the water tap came out right in the stem. But today I found out that actually made it easier as each piece could be handled separately, and I wasn't forced to deal with trying to make a hole in the middle of a tile.

I even got so lucky that the one white triangle didn't need to be cut at all. The other ones were done by progressive approximations.

I still hope to find a nice collar to sit against the tile and make it look more finished. I assume they are available.

Here's a wider view so you can get a sense of the scale and how it fits into the room:

Troy was not loving the idea of doing more lights today, but when I mentioned filling the gaps between the cupboards he jumped at it. There were four left in the upper cupboards. The work was quite fiddly and time consuming but he got them done. (I won't say anything about his having consumed a Coke at lunch today. He wouldn't appreciate my giving Coke the credit.) It didn't help that we actually didn't have a spare board big enough for one strip and he had to make some extra veneer toe kick material work.

Things are really starting to look "finished" around here!

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