Sunday, February 12, 2012

Today's Report

Someone accused me today of not updating the blog enough. She wanted to see all the progress in the kitchen.

I asked, "What progress?"

We really have not done a lot the last couple weeks. I have spent them cleaning out rooms and closets and reorganizing since the fridge moved. I'm not sure the house has ever looked this good. (But please remember, I have set a pretty low bar.)

I even got one more box of random seldom-used stuff unpacked and stowed in the kitchen yesterday.

I've also been cooking and baking lately as I hosted friends for the Superbowl (thank you again, Giants) and had some friends for brunch yesterday. Lots of leftovers for dinners...

But back to the kitchen, Troy got up the new lights in the west part of the kitchen on Friday. It was a long tedious process of overhead work, but he pushed through and got it done.
We had a time looking for lights. Troy had some specific requirements (nothing recessed and the shade had to be clear glass so none of the light would be blocked) and I had a hard time finding anything, let alone something I liked. In the end perseverance won out and I thought I found something I liked. But I couldn't really be sure until I had them up.
My first reaction to them was that I liked them very much. So that's good. Next up is to figure out where six light fixtures need to go in the east half of the kitchen. Yes, six. This is why my lighting worries are not over.

Today I started looking at the tiling on the west wall. I laid it all out on the counter again to make sure I didn't end up with an inch on one end or bad cuts around the outlets. Everything came out pretty good, so I'm relieved about that.
I didn't take very good overall pictures, but I took plenty of detailed ones so I wouldn't have to do it all again next time. I also took notes and marked the back of the tiles so I would know where they go. Let's hope it's enough.
I didn't have time or energy to get anything on the wall today, but next time I'll be set to go...

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