Sunday, April 22, 2012

No More Qualifiers

The last while, whenever anyone asked about the kitchen, I would happily say, "The tile's almost done." But then I'd have to add, "I just have to do a little bit around the window."

This little bit:
"Just a little bit around the window." I was so tired of saying that qualifier.

So today I made it my first job to get it done. I was able to set up the tile saw outside on the porch and that made clean up easier. (Although it sure was colder than it looked!) And it sure didn't make all those cuts easier. Every freaking tile needed at least one cut. It was a slog, but I got it done:
And so I give you a kitchen with all the backsplash tiles up on the walls.
Woo hoo!

I had about five minutes of celebrating and feeling good about myself before pressure about getting the grout done started... #alwayssomething

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