Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sometimes the Sky is Falling

So Troy and I were still in bed this morning (that bittersweet time after the alarm has gone off but before you've decided you really do have to get out of bed for the day) when we heard a big bang/crash. After the first pressing question of whether there was someone else in the house (no), the next was "What was that!?" Usually I'm pretty good at guessing what unexpected noises are, but I had nothing for this one.

When Troy made it downstairs, he saw this:
A huge chunk of our ceiling fell to the floor! It's been coming down in little, little pieces for a while, but now it looks like more of it is eager to come down:
I was trying to think of a time when I could deal with the mess that would come from taking more of this down, and not looking forward to it...but then I realized that if I don't get to it, the ceiling will make a mess all on its own and I'm sure it won't wait for it to be convenient for me. So I guess I'd better find some time to tackle it!

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