Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ripping Up Carpet

Troy got the carpet out of the spare bedroom on Wednesday and I took out the underpad today. I also went around removing the carpet tack strips, nails and staples, and swept up.
Of course, they'll be more to clean up, but for now it's a lot better and a lot further along. I feel like I gain a bit of sanity when I get an area cleaned up again.
Here's the doorway area where there used to be three doors:
Troy took care of that on Wednesday too.

Once I was done with that room, I tackled the carpet in the master bedroom. Cut it up, rolled it up, tied it up and carried it out. Then I took out the underpad in that room. (It had lost all structural integrity as they might say on Star Trek and had to be shoveled off of the floor and carried out in bags.)
Yes, look at what I found under the carpet! A lovely blue paint on the floor. If I knew that was there, I would have ripped out the carpet long ago. The blue is not a colour I would pick, but I love it. Certainly it would have nice enough for me to enjoy for the last 8 years instead of that awful carpet.
When Troy got home, I excitedly showed him the floor, but he couldn't see anything but an ugly floor. He likes the "wood-coloured" one in the spare room. It seems I will never be able to convince him that painted wood floors look good. (I wouldn't put them everywhere, but I do really like them.)

From the condition of the underpad and carpet, Troy figures they went in in the 70s. That means the painted floor is likely from the 60s or earlier. It was a lovely surprise when I pulled up the first bit of the underpad. I think it's the first bit of "pretty" we've uncovered while taking apart this house.

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