Sunday, October 18, 2015

Firewood Report 2015

Just dropping in to say that we finished splitting the last of the wood for 2015. It was everything Troy cut, and it was about everything we could fit in the greenhouse! Nice that those two amounts lined up so well.

Here's a shot looking in the east entrance.
Troy's tomatoes and figs are on the left and apparently I had to leave him room to work as well. :)

Hmm, I don't know how well this panoramic shot shows it, but I had to try.

Here's a shot from the outside:
You can see over half is full of wood, but the right side is serving double duty where Troy has his plants. We are hoping this is enough for two years. So next summer should be a little easier because we will only have to replace one year's worth. (We got behind--not having Isaac around in the summers!--so this year we had to cut and split more than a year's worth.) I think Troy is secretly hoping this will be three years' worth with our new stove. We'll see.

And now the end of the driveway is cleared of all wood and swept off so we Troy can run the snowblower without concern of picking up wood bits and jamming the blower.
Troy got himself a new string trimmer so he has cleaned up the weeds growing in the cracks too. I saw all the pictures on my Facebook feed this morning showing 6" of snow in Ontario and I am feeling like we are ready. :)

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