Saturday, December 19, 2015

Raise the Roof

The master bedroom
Or at least, the ceiling.

Since I last posted about the drywall, Troy and I have been working on it in fits and spurts. After the insulation was done, we patched the holes and then started the taping and mudding.

Troy has also started to tackle the ceiling. He debated different solutions for a ceiling that was in bad shape and decided to apply foam insulation and drywall to the existing lathe and plaster. The room is tall enough that it can afford to lose and inch or two and it seemed the best option.

Of course before putting up the drywall, he had to locate and install all of the lighting fixtures. I had some of them marked and the switch boxes in for all of them, but he installed the fixtures and ran the final wiring.
Starting in the bathroom and closet area.
PS: He fixed the drywall lift so it no longer
is a risk that it may collapse on him and kill him.
He also had to put a final fix on the chimney. This chimney:
The first winter we were here, Troy put in the woodstove and this chimney to go with it. For a little while after it was installed, we could lay in bed and look through the ceiling and through the roof to admire the stars! Of course Troy fixed the roof very quickly, but there has been a gap in the ceiling around the pipe ever since. That was a lot of hot air escaping to the attic and dust coming down in to the bedroom.

But no more:
What a nice seal! Ok, I don't really care about the seal as long as it keeps the dust (and all that insulation we blew into the attic) in the attic!

Here are few more general shots of the rooms:
Looking southeast through the doorway.
Looking southeast again, this time in the doorway.
Looking northwest (toward the doorway).
Looking southwest.

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