Sunday, April 09, 2017

Bathroom Floor (and other things that are not as exciting as the bathroom floor)

If you're not following my Facebook or Instagram accounts, you may not know that I finished the bathroom floor on Friday night. Let's have some pictures, shall we?

I wanted to go to Chicago on Saturday, so I put my hours in during the evenings. Of course, it's easier to be more motivated when you're on the way to finishing something!

The bathroom flooring had to be done so the vanity and toilet could be put in. So, "tag, you're it" Troy!! :)

Troy has been working on putting in the plumbing for the shower:
 and he put in the tub surround:
Still more work to do on it, but the tub looks more finished and the surround pieces are out of the way where they were being stored. I love getting things out of the way!!

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