Monday, April 03, 2017

Not Burying the Headline

Let's start with first things first: I started putting flooring down this week:
This is the first flooring we've put down in this house. I am so excited about it.

Part of why I could get to it is because Troy finished the subfloor:
I didn't know he had more plywood in the shop. Much like the person who hides a puzzle piece and gleeful puts in the last piece, Troy filled in the last two gaps in our subfloor. Not that I minded.

He also framed the linen closet:
Can you make that out? Here it is from the back:
Easier to see?

Deciding there was nothing in the way of doing the flooring in the bathroom, I cleared the room and vacuumed on Friday night:

Saturday I rewatched the youtube video about putting down flooring and got to it:
As I told Troy before he left for the day--anything I did wrong couldn't take more than a week to undo!

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