Friday, September 19, 2008

::happy sigh::

Oh, devoted reader, I did not want to keep you waiting so here I am posting instead of falling into bed quite weary....The news is good:

At 8:36 this evening, east met west and the "golden spike" was driven in.

All the trusses are up and in place! Glory Halleluia! Things went quite swimmingly tonight despite having to work past sundown. (It's getting so early now.) Plus, even though we didn't get a lot accomplished on Wednesday as far as trusses, we did leave everything in place to have a jump start tonight.

Moving the two trusses turned out to be very straight forward. Getting the double truss apart was no trouble. (Only one nail as Troy thought, and even it wasn't driven all the way in.) And moving those trusses showed us how we could be almost twice as efficient by only moving the scaffolding every two trusses instead of every time. Let me tell you, by truss #37 we were a well-oiled machine. Of course that's when we had to switch methods.

It worked out that we had to turn over and "stack up" the final four trusses so we had enough room to flip them upright. (Because it takes about 6 feet in which to flip the truss, we couldn't just keep putting them in one at a time.) So we stacked up four trusses and then moved them into place one at a time, just like the ones we had to move at the beginning of the night. Easy peasy puddin n pie.

Before I fall into bed, I will leave you with a shot of the trusses (ALL of them!) in the moonlight:

Ok ok, it's lamplight, but moonlight sounds so much better. Til later,

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