Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rain, Rain

So are you wondering how we are getting on with all this rain?

What rain? The rain that came pouring down over us all through the weekend. The whole area has been breaking records and experiencing flooding all over the place. From some time on Friday to the same time on Saturday we broke any and all existing record for rainfall in a 24 hour period. Saturday's evening news reported that we had smashed (flooded?) the record for a calendar day and it was still raining and continued to rain past midnight. (Most numbers I've heard are some where between 10 and 12 inches total rain.)

On a personal level, I went to empty the rain guage on Saturday afternoon and it was full. Like full, full, like 5 inches full. At first I thought it was like the time I let the sprinkler go on so long it filled the rain guage and then when I noticed it later I was surprised it had rained that much but then realized it was just the sprinkler. ha ha. But no, this time it was really the rain. A full rain guage is a suprising thing to see. And the next day, I emptied out 4.5 inches more. Wow and wow.

And as to how we are actually fairing with all this wetness: good. The shop's floor drain is functional and worked great as long as Troy kept the leaves and flotsam from clogging it. The basement is not really much wetter than it is with any heavy rain; and certainly not so bad that the sump pump can't take care of it in short order. The dehumidifier we have running down there did conk out, but Troy tells me he was able to fix the old dehumidifier (which is actually newer than the one we were using, but that is another story) and so now we are back in business as far as humidifiers go.

Very little work (like no work) was done on the shop over the weekend, so we put our noses to the grind stone tonight...but I think I will post that separately even though that will mean many of you will read that post before this post, unless you specifically read by date and not just from the top of the page down. In either case, I'm sure none of the interesting bits will lose their shine.

Oh, ya, and on more water issues: the upstairs sink is still not functional. Troy replaced all the drain pipes etc but couldn't get out the pipe attached to the sink which is an old size (too small) and ditto on the size of the pipe he's reconnecting all this to. So the sink is reassembled, we hope the patches will hold, and Troy has to cut the hole in the floor a little bigger to accommodate the new larger pipe. One day at a time, sweet Jesus...

Til then,

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