Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pictures, as promised. Here's a general view of the job site (from the southeast corner):
Except for the gaping hole you see, most of the plywood is up on the outside walls.

Here are the trusses we've added on the east end of the shop.
Troy originally planned to have some double studs at this end, right in front of the garage door, so he could use the strength for hoisting things out of the pickup, hanging up the tractor, or whatever else he may try. (Ok, really, I'm just kidding about the tractor.) But as we were installing the trusses we ran into a situation where it was not so convenient to move on to the next spot. (I.e. we forgot to move the scaffolding and were a little tired of running up and down the ladders.) So Troy improvised and decided we should try a triple stud. 
He liked it so much, we did two. So now he has a double stud, two triple studs, and we can put in one more double stud. Then we've got eight more single studs to do.

The new set of trusses have started to lean to the west. Troy decided we had to fix that last night before we left the site alone for the weekend. We did not get it quite level yet,
but they are better, and certainly much more secure than they were. We'll fix them up a little more next time we're out there.

By now Troy and I have a system for this new procedure. While the truss is hanging upside down, we each drag one end from where it sits to its new position. The scaffolding is [usually] placed so that the truss runs up against it and we use the scaffolding to flip the truss into a horizontal position. Troy then makes his way from the wall to the scaffolding along the previous trusses. He climbs onto the top of the scaffolding and flips the truss up into position. We push it into place and tack it down. Then move onto the next. It's not quite a total body workout: Troy is going to get Popeye arms with all the hammering he does, and I will end up with thunder thighs as it is left to me to do all the ladder scrambling.

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