Monday, December 22, 2008

Progress Illustrated

Here is the shop wrapped up in Tyvek (from the southwest corner). The top 9' strip along the south and west walls is what Joel and Troy put up last week. Troy and I then added the bottom strip. The hunched over figure is Isaac working through the cold.
Here is the north wall where Troy and I put up the bottom strip. I think this is all we're putting up until spring. It's very hard to get in there (scaffolding doesn't fit back there) and very difficult in the winter. And Troy is thinking the worst of the weather would hit the bottom of the wall; the overhang will help protect the top portion (we hope). Obviously the peak areas still have to be done as well but I haven't heard what the plan is for that. (I suspect more time spent in scaffolding and less time spent knitting for me...)

We put in a lot of these cap nails. I ruined a lot too...
The new garage door:
and Troy's drywalling work too. I was surprised to see how far into the room he had to go on the ceiling. Here's a shot of the big-a** spring used to run it:
The garage guys still haven't come back to hook the motor up so Troy lifted it manually the other day. Apparently it is almost over balanced, and once you get it two feet up it practically lifts itself. This is good since Troy plans to add some more insulation and has no inclination to readjust the spring himself. (He had a shot to the head from a different big spring but that is another story.) The door runs very smoothly because when you order the high-end insulated version then you get all the other upgrades on hardware automatically.

The view out the north window:

And that is all. I'm trying to finish this up tonight while my sister is doing an origami project with Isaac (so I'm bored watching) and because I'm leaving in the morning. I didn't want to keep you waiting...

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