Saturday, January 03, 2009

Shop Parking

Parking in the shop? Could it be true? The fulfillment of my wintery wishes?

Well, let's consider....

First you see evidence of a "driveway" Troy built up to the shop entrance:
Then you see evidence of a garage door rising sans person attending (ie. a remote! a remote!)
It continues to rise, revealing...what is it? perhaps a cute little Corolla that needs some lovin?
NO! What you see revealed is a tractor, not a cute little Corolla.
My Corolla's priority rating has dropped below the fouled up tractor which needs more work. (Troy assures me he will write more on that later, so you will have to wait, faithful reader.) And apparentely the driveway is not wide enough to take advantage of the full width of the overhead door which would allow us to park both vehicles in the shop. My cute little Corolla will have to wait. Meanwhile Troy is only too happy to be able to work on the tractor in a covered and sheltered area instead of out in the elements.

As for other happenings pertaining to the shop:

1. Troy and Isaac finished up the Tyvek on the north end of the shop while I was home for Christmas.
2. Troy (or they?) installed the "man" door and the window on the south wall. There's one more to do on the north wall yet. Troy has remarked that the shop is seeming very dark lately with the addition of the two doors, a window in dire need of a cleaning, and the north window opening now covered with Tyvec.
3. You may have noticed the odd looking ramp things in the first picture (above) to the left of the driveway. They were not ramps to drive on, but were actually props to hold the insulation in place. In trying to completely insulate the foundation, the bit below the walls and above the ground needs to be patched in with strips of foam. Later they will be covered on top with some flashing and possibly covered in front with a foam with a faux rock front.

All for now,

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