Sunday, January 25, 2009

Drywall, Anyone?

So we were busy today. Troy did a bunch of prep work to maximize my helping time. (I had allotted him 2 hours today!) By 5:00, I was out helping to put up some drywall. The goal was to get the pile off the floor onto the walls so that we could move the tractor further in and then start parking some other stuff in there. And this time, whatever didn’t make it up on the walls would get moved out of the way no matter what.

We had started the south wall the other day, and tonight got that finished up to the powder room (about half done). That was 6 sheets of drywall.
Then we had to move all of this crap—
—from the north wall to the south wall so that we could start on the north wall. (Things are so efficient sometimes…) The lower sheets went on pretty easy
but then we ran into this:
Do you see how the stud and the edge of the drywall don’t really run along the same line? We double checked the measurements (each sure the end we measured was right), and all the numbers were "right." So maybe the stud was crooked. In any case, we took the piece back down (it was only tacked up), cut it to match the stud and went from there. We got a couple more pieces up and then called it a night. Sorry I didn’t get pics, but when we decided to quit, I made a beeline for the woodstove. (The torpedo heater helped, but was no match for the cold temperatures that have descended on us again.) Before I ran in, however, we did move the remaining three sheets to make way for the tractor, so that is done.

Working with spot lights can be difficult, what with the dark shadows that seem to always be in your way. But sometimes they yield a site you’d never get otherwise: I was surprised by this great shot of Troy’s new drywall gun:
It looks more than a little threatening in the shadows!

The other thing I started on was marking all the studs with little yellow triangles on the floor. (Cause once they're covered by drywall they're gone for good!) I was doing this “between” other jobs or when waiting for Troy, so only got about half of them marked.

All for tonight!

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