Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How Cold was It?

Please stop me if this sounds like complaining because that is not my intent, but I feel compelled to share how things are...

So it's been cold lately. I've never had actual negative (F) temperatures since living in the States, but I've seen them now! It's not as bad this week as last, and I've learned to bundle up, and haven't had my car break down and been stranded on the side of the road or anything, so life is fine.

But the other day, I got brave and looked at the living room thermometer when I first got home from work: 42. That's with the oil stove going in the kitchen, but obviously the woodstove had gone out long ago. But don't panic: with Troy's super-duper fire starter I had a fire going quickly and within 30 minutes the temp was up 20 degrees. That's amazing to me.

But the real kicker of this post was what I found in the dishwasher on an evening a few days later. Troy had run the machine that morning or night before, and I was emptying it. To keep the top shelf items from dripping on the lower items, I of course empty the dishwasher from bottom up. When I get to the top shelf, I empty everything except the gladware containers. These, I flip upside down so that the water which has collected in the lip can drip out while I'm putting the other items away, so that when I come back to get them, they are relatively water free and ready to go into the drawer. Ok, now that I've set this all up: I'm flipping the gladware containers and notice one of them is "not like the others."

Do you see it?

The water in the lip of this one container has completely frozen solid. Not slushy, not ice flakes, but just solid ice that would not come out!

Just thought I'd share!

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davidbanga said...

holy crap. you guys win for cold house. i thought we were bad keeping our furnace at 54 when we're home. freezing water in the dishwasher sucks pretty hard.

you're not complaining. that's seriously cold dude. it'll get better, though...just hang out in the dining room with a space heater!

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