Thursday, October 29, 2009

Art Decor

Despite the house being a total wreck, I still look forward to the day when I can decorate. Hang lamps, paint, make floor rugs, and all the rest. I try really really hard not to start buying stuff already for many good reasons.

But then I see something like this:
It's a shade for a single-bulb hanging lamp.
It's plastic, and need I say, orange!?

It would look great over the kitchen table, don't you think? I love it. I love it right now. I'm not sure I'll love it in the kitchen I'll have have in...oh...let's say...five years. (I do seem to be gathering a collection of odd kitchen bits in orange though.)

This was found in an antique shop that seemed to specialize in the 70s. (There was a lot of fabulous furniture there too--included a plush bubble chair with speakers mounted right inside. Ooh, I could just hear all the high-fidelity sound I could get sitting there!)

They only have a couple of these shades. (The other colours they had were purple and wood grain--ew on the fake wood grain.) These are shades that are still in their original boxes and for some reason didn't sell in the 70s. I can't imagine!

I have the number so I can call this shop and buy it by phone. BUT if you really really agree that I need to have this lampshade, please call me on my cel and let me know before I leave town. (And, especially I mean YOU, honey!)

Price: $95.

Worth it? You decide.

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